Appeals and Complaints

  • General Terms and Conditions

    The following terms and conditions, by obligation of the Accreditation scheme with INMETRO's CGCRE, must be widely communicated to the clients of the Validating and Verifying Body:
  • Access to Facilities

    Provide provisions for access to the facilities to Green Domus (OVV) and INMETRO CGCRE evaluators during visits;
  • Use of Logos

    Inventory bodies may only use the Green Domus logo or their accreditations, if previously authorized by Green Domus, in writing and for this specific purpose.
  • Complaints and Appeals

    If the Inventory Body wants to make a complaint or appeal the final result presented in the declaration and / or verification report, it can do so through the procedure available here.
  • The deadline for appeals is 30 days after submission of the Declaration
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