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Energy efficiency projects generate savings of 4.6 GWh, says ANEEL

From 2008 to June 2016, ANEEL accounted for 1,704 energy efficiency projects submitted by the concessionaires, with investments in the order of R $ 5 billion.

Altogether, energy savings of around 4,629 GWh are expected in the accumulated years. These projects involve initiatives related to the replacement of equipment, such as the electric shower with solar heating; incandescent lamps and old refrigerators from low-income consumer units and engines in industries. They also include the installation of lighting systems in tunnels and traffic lights; municipal energy management structure in city halls; cogeneration plants, among other energy conservation actions, including innovative initiatives in conjunction with the Electric Sector Research and Development Program.

The execution of the projects made it possible to reduce demand during peak hours of around 1,403 MW, which contributed to reducing the need for investments in expanding the supply, transmission and distribution of energy. In the same period, efficient equipment to combat energy waste was also replaced or implemented. Among the values ​​registered by the distributors, the exchange of 1,289,518 refrigerators stands out; 16,597 window air conditioners and 42,688 split type air conditioners. 136,356 solar heating systems were installed to replace the electric shower and, in addition, there was a record of replacing 26 million incandescent lamps with compact fluorescents and three million fluorescent tubes with more efficient models.

Four million compact fluorescent lamps were also exchanged for LED lamps, which are even more economical. In the industrial and sanitation sector, 2,487 engines were replaced by more efficient models.

According to Law No. 9,991 / 2000, as amended by Law No. 13,280 / 2016, distributors must invest, at least, 0.4% of their net operating revenue annually in actions aimed at combating the waste of electricity, within the scope of the Energy Efficiency Program - PEE regulated by ANEEL. Concessionaires must also allocate 0.1% for the actions of the National Electricity Conservation Program - Procel. PEE projects can be submitted to ANEEL at any time through electronic files. Proponents must observe the guidelines established in the Procedures of the Energy Efficiency Program (PROPEE).

Fonte: https://www.ambienteenergia.com.br/index.php/2016/10/projetos-de-eficiencia-energetica-geram-economia-de-46-gwh-diz-aneel/30440

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