The carbon footprint of a product is the quantification of GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases) resulting from its life cycle, that is, the accounting of carbon emissions linked to the product from the extraction of the raw material to the phase of post-use.

The carbon footprint makes it possible to identify which are the stages of the production process that most contribute to GHG emissions, enabling the increase in the efficiency of the production process and the establishment of goals to reduce the product's carbon footprint.

In addition to carrying out carbon footprint quantification projects, Green Domus is also an independent verification body for compliance with ABNT ISO / TS 14067: 2015 and Greenhouse Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard.

Certification of the carbon footprint of a product or service provides greater brand credibility.

It is the role of the verification body:

  • Determine if the submitted work is in compliance with the requirements;
  • Issue an individual certification;
  • Issue list of non-conformities.

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