Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a way of understanding the socio-environmental impacts of a product from the extraction of its raw materials, through the logistical and productive process, to disposal.

The life cycle covers several aspects and is a great challenge to be quantified. Among the main aspects are the water footprint, biodiversity and carbon footprint.

The carbon footprint has been developed by several companies due to the maturity of the subject that allows to quantify more accurately the emissions of a product. Green Domus develops this type of project in several sectors, plastics, chemicals, construction, food and packaging, allowing customers to quantify the emission per unit of manufactured product.

The carbon footprint of a product, in addition to incorporating the corporate emissions inventory, which is a step of the carbon footprint, allows for a very refined emissions management since it clearly points out the opportunities for improvement based on the aggregate emissions in each step of a product's life.

From the LCA, the organization can establish a robust emissions management plan and promote the neutralization of these product emissions.

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