In accordance with current legislation, monitoring of information entered into RenovaCalc and the results that gave rise to the Energy Efficiency Note is mandatory.

All calculation memory and supporting documents used to complete the RenovaCalc spreadsheet must be kept for 5 years, monitored annually, in accordance with Chapter VI, article 28 item V and VI of resolution 758 of 23 November 2018.

If the indicated monitoring identifies a decrease of more than 10% (ten percent) in relation to the results contained in the Energy-Efficiency Note in effect or in the calculation of the fraction of the volume of eligible biofuel, renewal of the Certificate of Efficient Production of Biofuels is mandatory . (Source: ANP)

The companies that carry out the RenovaBio Certification process and obtain the Energy Efficiency can benefit from the CBIOs (Credit Decarbonization).

We are Pioneers in RenovaBio Certification

Green Domus was the first inspection company accredited by the National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) for Certification of Efficient Production Biofuels (RenovaBio) under the terms of ANP Resolution 758/2018.

Biofuels that are part of
of the RenovaBio program:

  • Sugarcane Ethanol;
  • Corn Ethanol at a Plant;
  • Ethanol in Flex Plants;
  • Imported Corn Ethanol;
  • Second Generation Ethanol;
  • Biodiesel;
  • HEFA biokerosene;
  • Waste Biomethane.

Our service portfolio for RenovaBio comprises:


  • Technical viability
  • Financial Feasibility
  • Eligibility

Our CEO, Felipe Bottini, prepared an explanatory video with the relevant details of the program.

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