GRI Certified Training Program ONLINE Cursos

The content was prepared by the GRI and Green Domus teams in order to present the best experience to students.

  • R$2.500,00
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RenovaBio de A-Z Course Cursos

The course was developed to train professionals in the field of production and sale of biofuels, in order to present all the cycles that involve Renovabio, from the legislation to the step by step of its application.

  • R$2.000,00
  • 7 Lesson(s)
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Corporate Carbon Management Course Cursos

Developed to train professionals in the environmental area, this broad training aims to offer a view of the international climate change landscape.

  • R$600,00
  • 12 Lesson(s)
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Capacitação para Auditoria de sistemas de gestão - ISO 19.011: 2018 60% off

Capacitação para Auditoria de sistemas de gestão - ISO 19.011: 2018 Cursos

PROMOÇÃO DE GREEN FRIDAY VÁLIDA APENAS PARA OS 10 PRIMEIROS ALUNOS! O curso foi elaborado pela Green Domus para capacitação de profissionais para atuarem como auditor, auditor líder e revisor em conformidade com a norma ISO 19.011 - com foco na aplicaç

  • R$396,00
  • 17 Lesson(s)
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