The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (GHG) is a quantitative study emission of these gases in an organization, considering its current scenario of operation.

Carrying out the GHG Emissions Inventory means strategically mapping the your organization's carbon emissions profile.This diagnosis makes it possible to identify which activities have the highest rate of GHG emissions, enabling the implementation of strategies to reduce emissions. The GHG Emissions Inventory is the first step to develop a low carbon scenario.

In addition to regulations (INEA and CETESB), which require companies with certain productive activities and quantity of emissions carry out their inventories, there is a strong tendency for large corporations to mobilize their supply chain to that they have the obligation to present their inventories, for example, today Vale has a Supply Chain policy that requires all its suppliers carry out the Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

Are you interested in preparing your own Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory without consultancy support?

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